57th Street Restaurant, Marriott Hotel

57th street restaurant in JW Marriott Hotel recently opened in Bangkok, Thailand.  I and my 7 friends decided to try their international lunch buffet.

5th street JW marriott hotel

We got a 70+% discount through groupon!  We only paid 440 Thai baht ($15) for a lunch worth 1,500 baht ($50).  I recommend browsing through discount sites or deals like ensogo and groupon to avail of really great savings!

Reservation at JW Marriott Hotel, 5t

Their buffet starts at 12 pm to 3 pm. Eager and early birds, we were there at 11:45 am ready to take everything in.

When we walked into the restaurant, the interiors are an attempt to achieve a modern, upbeat look but failed, it seems too narrow and crowded too. They should have been able to create a more spacious look through use of various colors, furniture and decors.

food 1

The cuisines are fusion of Korean, Japanese, English, American, Thai and Chinese. I love spring rolls so it was the first thing that I tried with hot dumplings! It was tasty but it was not the best.  The sauce made it tasty and without it, it would be real bland.

For starters – try tomato soup and potato salad with squeezed lime on sparkling water.  Take a small portion of saucy carbonara penne pasta with spring rolls and dumplings.

food 2

For main course – try the chicken with red wine, pork tenderloin and yellow java rice. Level it down with “make-your-own” pizza. I tried Hawaiian with blue cheese, aloha pineapples, tomato and some chicken meat. Must try for the chicken meat soaked into red wine! I find it flavorful!


For desserts,  try crème brulee, blueberry cheese cake and chocolate truffle.  They offered ice cream but it did not appeal to me. My friend Jeff said, it was OK for a homemade.

 dessert 3

Unfortunately, you have to buy bottled water at 90 baht ($3) and they don’t serve tap water.  We got Perrier sparkling water at 180 THB  ($6) per bottle. They have free ice tea instead.

All in all, definitely worth our 440 baht for a full meal but if you are going to pay 1500 baht for it, definitely overpriced.  There are better restaurants in Bangkok like Baiyoke that serve international buffet at same price (or lower) with better choices.

For reservations, contact  02-797-0400 or log-in at http://www.marriott.com.au/hotels/photo-tours.mi?marshaCode=bkkms&pageID=HWRAL&imageID=2

 Apologies for the quality of photos. I used my iPhone, was too lazy bringing a camera.

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