KTK Coffee & Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

Last Sunday, it was Thailand’s New year or what they call Songkran Day. I was in Pattaya, on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. At 8 am, I woke up dying for coffee! Good thing, KTK coffee house was just nearby the hotel. A minute of zombie walk.

KTK coffee and restaurantI like the place, very cozy and styled like a veranda. I slumped into the chair and a guy walked into my table. He seemed nice but nicer once he smiles.

caramel latteI ordered caramel latte. The yummy and heavenly look may compensate for the good taste but it is not something you’d be back to get whatever the cost is. It was sweet but they should add more caramel to make it tastier. Cost is cheap at 85 Thai baht.

IMG_1513I also ordered tenderloin steak for breakfast with spring rolls, garlic bread and salad. The meat is not well-done, though, I should have specifically told the waiter. I prefer my meat to be well done. The sauce was flavorful! I even dip my fries into it! The salad was actually worth ravishing. The pineapple juice is worth recommending when you have too much caffeine from the coffee.

spring rollsAll in all, it was worth my 410 thai baht but location was far off from the main street if you are staying near the beach front.

Pineapple juice

Back to work tomorrow, what a nice holiday!

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