Illusions versus realities

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Sometimes I can be impetuous. People should not make hasty decisions when emotions are stirred high or in a fantasy bubble. It is when you are unstable that chances are, you made the wrong choice.

Maybe I am not prepared even if I think I am ready. Big difference. No matter what you do if you are not prepared, things could fail. Illusions versus realities.

Always keep your feet on the ground. Keep in touch with realities of what you can do and willing to do. I learn to discern what is illusion from reality. This is part of growing up and learning how to deal things with maturity.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 2.06.56 PM

Never lose your ability to dream but act on it. As they say, dreams are just dreams if you continue to sleep on it. Aim and live your dreams. Remember that illusions can be made realities depending on how dedicated and persistent we are. There can be thick lines between the two but no lines are thick to a person with unwavering spirit to make things a reality. Blur the lines and create new illusions. Keep going! Keep moving!

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Photos from dream quotes tumblr.


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