A Heart with a band-aid

The one that got away

I don’t know why we drifted apart but we did. Work? Distance? I guess I did the right thing by ending it. Though I was so hurt when you said, “OK. Maybe it’s for the best.” I was not even prepared for the heart shattering words that followed. “There’s this girl but I haven’t pursued her.”

So it was a she after all. The reason behind those short messages and cold phone calls. It was great we are breaking up on a chat room or else you’d see my endless tears and hurt feelings. Seven years and we just threw it away. Seven long years of good memories.

Last month, so I heard, you got married. I cried. You met her less than a year and she made you tie the knot. It was painful and I thought I might die. I guess it was not about time spent, but magic of the moment? Passion? I really don’t know.

Let it goIt took me some weeks before I was able to clear my mind. I guess you just had fallen in love. Deep. Hard. You met the one who instantly made you dream of settling down and exchanging vows. She changed you and I was glad she did. She must be an amazing girl.

They say whatever baggage we have in the past, leave it. Move on. Three days ago, I met someone.

I wanted to feel alive again. Feel my heart’s breathing. Feel happy and well. I do not want to rush my heart’s recovery but I think I am getting there. No more band-aids to cover the bruises. No more pretentious “I am OK.”


*For a very dear friend and her heart’s recovery.

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