Of Realizations

Today is one of those days but momentous. My work momentum is suddenly disrupted and pressures sink in. I am supposed to be happy and I am. I realize things have moved forward and here I am still thinking I am one step ahead.

Well, breathe in, breathe out. I am very positive and confident that things will be all right. That things will be according to my plans.

I really appreciate the words of wisdom of my friend Jennifer, who is 6 years older than I. She said, “Your decision to take a postgraduate degree is a courageous act of moving forward from your present comfort zone. You are already taking that big step so leap high, do not waver and just plunge. Fears and worries are normal feelings but should not give you reasons to falter. You are still young. With your talent and abilities, I do not see you here but way beyond.” I almost cry because I am at a point in my life of deciding a new road, of planning which way to go.

It hits me. Here I am planning to leave a part of me in my present company thinking  this will give me a good reason to go back to. I have to remind myself, be brave! Be brave and jump! I feel the emotions and adrenaline rush. I want to finally write that goodbye letter I had been dreaming of and coveting to.  This is it!

It really feels great writing! It’s been months. Welcome back to me, haha!

Photo’s not mine.

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