Spinning the World Back

If the world spins back and I lead a different life, what would it be?

A boring auditor’s life makes you want to dream of the world’s coolest and greatest professions. It makes you envy people on magazines with glittering looks and perfect smiles, dream of people’s carefree lifestyle and yearn for long holidays. It makes you crave for adrenaline rush, vivacity and something more than the financial statements dotted on your desk. It creates a lot of what ifs and maybes.

Spinning the world back and traversing different roads, would I be a physicist in a complicated relationship with the universe? What about an archaeologist of relics and antiquities? A biologist of our remaining flora and fauna? An economist solving market woes and society’s debts?

I want something exciting and challenging miles away from my current. The biggest challenge that I do is to stay up late and produce a financial review or an audit report. Nothing thrilling. Everything is monotonous. I smile, I laugh but devoid of passion.

Could I be a gritty lawyer of unpopular faces and disturbing cases? A moneymaker of Wall Street, banks’ favorite? Or better, a beautiful mistress to a billionaire’s heir, the modern Wallis Simpson?

How about a mainstream director of blockbuster movies and production houses? A lying actress chasing fame and public attention? Or an uncanny editor embracing gossips and deceits sounds compelling.

Think of a surgeon duty-bound to uphold society’s beauty. A trailblazer setting Vogue on fire. A shoe-designer of glaring concepts and eccentric ideas.

Maybe, a rogue spy planning someone’s downfall? Or a sultry lover to a James Bond? Sexy and dangerous.

A drug dealer in Mexico’s cartel? A journalist of twisted facts and sensationalism? A powerful lady privy to state’s controversies and conspiracies? Someone people wanted to bury alive.

I want something that can melt the gray color of my life into possibly full of vibrant shades. Maybe, I should consider an architect finding her one true love like Ted Mosby? Or a legendary society girl who never finds her one true love? Or put it on fancy words, never finds a reason to settle down.

A dreamy painter putting lives into the canvas. A grand ballerina of style and elegance. A singer or a rapper? But, a pilot sounds a hell lot of fun.

Fantasies and sweet dreams. The what ifs and maybes of sleepless nights and days’ thoughts. Those starry-eyed moments on captivating articles and television shows.

Ditching all of these, what I really want is to be a boundless traveler who leaves her footprints on muddy plains and concrete lanes. Someone who falls in love with the beauty of Machu Picchu and colossal history of Egypt’s pyramid. Someone who will cry upon reaching the Himalayas. Someone in the middle of Mumbai’s chaotic flea market or Brazil’s Bikini parade. Someone lost in airports and running after buses and trains. I am young and the world should be at my fingertips.

This, I don’t need to spin the world back.

Someday, I will travel the world endlessly bringing lots of sweet tales and epic stories from end to end. I will conquer mountains and dive into seas. I will soak and get burn.

I want to eat Tacos, quesadillas and burritos in cities of Mexico. Dance with the Yanomami tribe in Amazon and Gaelic people of Scotland. Drink and get wasted along the vibrant streets of Bali. Toss good luck coins in Jeju Island. Do what the Romans do.

I always dream of walking on the streets of Paris; boating through the canals in Venice and zip lining in Zurich. How about picking sweet tulips in Amsterdam? Take photos in Munich and Berlin. Sip wine in the vineyards of Burgundy. So many things to see in Europe! So many things to do in life.

A year from now, I will set foot in Europe to start my greatest journey while studying postgraduate.  I am making the biggest decision of changing my life without spinning the world back. I am taking the risks of stepping into the colors away from my humdrum gray one. I will grow and pursue world’s tales. Quench my thirst for experience and knowledge. Be restless and reckless. I will travel the world and be who I really wanted to be – a spirited traveler.

Maybe, I will write a love letter in Verona and hand it to a guy in Tuscany. Befriend a stranger in Brussels and bump into another stranger in Madrid. Share tables in Helsinki and laughs in Copenhagen. Catch sunset in Santorini and sunrise in San Marino. Ahh, the joys of traveling. It never fails to warm my heart.

Until then, I will keep dreaming.

(Images are not mine.)


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