Quarter-Life Crisis

It’s 27 days to go. I admit I am not excited counting down the days. It would mark my 25 full years of existence and need to look forward to 75 more years.

I am to transition to my second quarter life but it feels a little bit unsettling. I am not scared but I have this ridiculous idea that things are needed to be taken seriously. It creeps me that I have to start putting the pieces of my goals to make it into concrete realities.

I have few more days to ponder and mull things over. With the next 5 years of my life, what do I really want to do? What is something that would truly makes me happy?

I wanted to travel. I wanted to see, feel and touch the world. I wanted to sleep in Sydney and wake up in Madrid. Drink coffee in Rome and eat tiramisu in Venice. Say hello to a stranger and goodbye to a new friend.

I wanted to see life out of the ordinary. Get lost and be carefree. Call someone to tell how beautiful the sunset in Santorini is and sunrise in Glasgow.

I want the world to be at my fingertips. Do things I never did, capture scenes I rarely see and meet strangers I can laugh with.

Is this quarter-life crisis? Maybe not. Just getting another year older.

(Images are not mine.)

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