On my Lens: Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville is no chocolate store. It is a western village in Bangkok, Thailand with the dining in the park concept. A fancy village with remarkable building designs for people who wanted to dine and taste east meets west cuisine.

Check out my detailed blog entry on what to see, eat and how to go to Chocolate Ville on another page (ChocoVille). This is for my creative photos that did not make it to that entry.

The Lighthouse
Lighthouse overlooking the Canal
1950’s Mercedes-Benz SL300
The Marina and the Gazebo
The Conservatory Garden
The Winery
Captivating mini-park
Dreamy Lighthouse
Grand comfort rooms
Central Park
Bulb with rain drops
One of the many dining area
Wood signs
Sketch of the Area
Dusk at chocoville
Bike anyone?
The night had fallen (it is the darkness that makes it more fanciful)
Decorative street lamps
Monumental post office
Farmville Barn
Fountain Square
Best view of the lighthouse
Clock Tower
The yacht

Definitely I will see you again!

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