Chocolate Ville, Bangkok, Thailand

Main Entrance to the Village

A relatively new restaurant in an astounding setting in northeast of Bangkok. It is like a theme park, a 2.56 hectare western village where you can eat anywhere inside or outside the 20 something buildings.

What to see

Dutch Mill

The entrance showcases a huge Dutch smock mill that can be seen from afar. The first building is a community information service with a blue huge dinosaur guarding the left wing. Few steps on the right is a petrol station with a 1950’s old SL300 model Mercedes Benz  followed by a bloody red fire truck.

Maine lighthouse

Walking to the main gate, you would see the weeping willow trees that add a melancholic appeal to the scene. We went down the alley to the yacht marina with the riverfront gazebo overlooking the placid lake. You can’t help to wonder, how did they create it. The creative designs and styles are superb!

This is brought by the Crystal Design Center of Bangkok’s Wine I Love You team with a 100 million baht for this lavish project. Great artists.

Farmville Barn

The lighthouse seems to be a duplicate replica of Maine harbor’s lighthouse. The canal at the bottom of the lighthouse provides a distinctive relaxed atmosphere. Though the lighthouse is open to the public, we did not climb the stairs because of the queue. Better be early next time. It opens from 4 pm to midnight.

Village park

On the way to lighthouse, there is an old railway station and a stylish green house on the left separated by the canal. Nearby is a village dry and wet market.

Definitely you would fall in love with the grand landscapes and architectures inside the  village. Those of you who are familiar with facebook’s farmville game, a farmville barn is positioned at the center with the old town square, church, and post-office.

Night at Chocolate Ville

There’s also a traveler’s inn (Rosewood), a glasshouse showcasing tropical plants , a fishing pier and a mini boathouse overlooking the farthest right side of the canal.


It was already 6 pm and we decided to please our stomachs. The reservation and walk-in area for customers is located beside the chocolate ville tower,  grand comfort rooms and steps ahead the conservatory garden.

What to eat

I recommend to choose their specialty pork spare ribs (THB450), good for 5 people or half rack (395THB) for 3 people. It is very tasty with smooth sauce – one of their best sellers. We also ordered pork sirloin steak  (560) and Australian tenderloin (615THB).

pork ribs, sirloin steak, italian sausage pizza, green tea and banana shake

Being pizza lovers, we did not pass the opportunity to taste their own. We had Italian sausage pizza in thin crust (215THB). Yummy and tempting!

For drinks, try their banana shake (80THB), green mik tea (75THB) or their hot original tea (50THB).

If you are into desserts, try the creme brulee and chocolate lava cake. Surely, would appeal to your sweet taste buds. They also offer Asian sea foods and Thai local cuisines.

By the way, the service was personalized! Our assigned waiter was very accommodating and he really stood beside us all through out our meal ready to assist for anything. We then give him a good tip.

How to go there

I printed a map then handed it to the driver. We also called the phone number (receptionist can talk in English) and asked her to explain to the local driver how to go to Chocolate Ville.

Chocolate Ville Map (from

The village is a little bit off the main roads so some people find it hard to hail taxis. But, you can walk in at the reception desk and they will call a cab for free or  if you’re fortunate some cabs are waiting just outside the village.

Captivating view of the lighthouse

We went home very satisfied.  Already planning to go back to Chocolate Ville with other friends to chill the night and taste good foods. Definitely great place to visit in Bangkok.


  1. hie. i have search on the web and it says that the restaurant opens at 4pm. Is it possible that we go in earlier and visit the village, take some nice pictures? or is the whole village opens at 4pm?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Audra,
      Yes you can enter before 4 pm, you just cannot order/eat. Better go early to avoid the crowd for pictures.
      Hope you’d enjoy it and tell me about your experience. 🙂


    1. Hi, print the map i posted, find a taxi, show the map and/or call the number in the map and let the customer representative talk to the taxi driver to tell him how to go to the place.

      Usually if from bangkok 200-400 thai baht only. 🙂 Enjoy.


  2. hi, may i know why i have to make a reservation for this ? and what i would like to make reserve? sorry about that, because i be there is the first time, i can’t understand what i need to reserve~ thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @kathy, yes you can reserve by calling the number in the blog. However, if small group only, then no need. It’s a huge place, there is always a place for you. Unless you have a big group and/or you want a specific place. Enjoy!


  3. What more would anyone want to know after such an explicitly minute detailed information about Chocolate Ville in Bangkok , Thailand . This is just good I tell you . Everything its proper place . I love it .

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  4. Thanks for such a wonderful tour. I, of course don’t expect to go there (finances) but I am happy to have participated in this photo tour. Appreciate it greatly. Great Photography. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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