Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Thailand)

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

If you are in Bangkok, Thailand, don’t forget to pop in at Baiyoke Tower II. It is the tallest building in Thailand and the tallest in Southeast Asia. It has 673 guest rooms and 6 restaurants.

Bangkok Sky Restaurant

My favorite is the Bangkok Sky at 76th and 78th floor. This is their international buffet restaurant at an affordable price of USD 23. The selection is quite vast of European, Chinese, Japanese and of course local Thai dishes. The seafood buffet dinner starts at 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. You can log in to this site ( for online reservation because most of the time, the place is fully occupied. Have a reservation before heading to the restaurant preferably 3 days before.

Bangkok Balcony

If you love eating under the moonlit and the sparkling stars, Bangkok Balcony restaurant would appeal to you. The price is much higher at USD 43 but the panoramic view is splendid. It is in the 81st floor and features seafood and grilled buffet gourmet. You are definitely in for a romantic evening with your special someone.

After filling your stomach, go up to the 360-degree revolving roof deck on the 84th floor.  The view of the city is magnificent! Very windy and calming. I had been there twice with friends and planning to go back again in October. Both times, the place seems crowded with tourists like me who wants to enjoy taking a deep sigh on how wonderful the view of the city is.

Revolving Roof Deck

Life is meant to be enjoyed. The world is for us to travel and experience. Explore and see different cities. You’d be amazed how little you know about the world! Enjoy life and be happy.


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