Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There is nothing much to see in Kuala Lumpur (KL) aside from the vibrant Petronas towers. The city is crowded, the usual urban vibe with shopping areas connected via train stations.

Malaysia with the tourism tag line “Truly Asia” is a federal monarchy with King Yang-di as the head of state and Prime minister as the head of government. The King is elected from 5 states every 5 years. Istana Negara is the official residence of the King in Northern KL approximately 2.4 Million USD cost.

Petronas tower is the one thing that you cannot miss. It was the tallest building until Taipei 101, Taiwan surpassed it in 2004 but still the tallest twin buildings in the world.  It is an 88 floor tower with corporate offices, dining shops and luxury stores aside from art gallery, philharmonic theater, underwater aquarium and also a Science centre.

At the feet of the towers is an upmarket podium with foreign brand and high-end labels. There are also restaurants and cafes at the next floors for tourists. Don’t forget to check and experience the Skybridge connecting the 2 towers at 41st and 42nd floors.

If you’re into cheap shopping, try Bukit Bintang retail outlets and their own China town Petaling street. There are vast arrays of trinkets and goodies you can buy for friends and loved ones as souvenirs. They also have dozens of restaurants and food stalls to try and experience Malaysian cuisine. I recommend trying their national dish Nasi Lemak, a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and “pandan” leaf. 

Two days in Kuala lumpur is enough. Explore the sub-urban and beaches outside KL. Try Penang, Melaka, and Sabah. There is more to Malaysia than Kuala Lumpur. It is more worth to see the cities outside it.

Have fun and enjoy exploring Malaysia.

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