Keep a Happy Glow

Be positive. That’s my mantra. I always tell people there is a silver lining in every single cloud. Always think favorably. Just let good vibes run into you. Keep that enviable glow of happiness.

The best way to spite your enemy or anyone who wants to crack you is to glow with happiness. Let them feel that nothing can break your spirit. Smile at them and handle things gracefully. Frame your mind with only good things in life. Expect better things with exuberant attitude. In the end, the person with an unbreakable spirit wins.

Appreciate little things. Be grateful for small things that come on your way. Big things come in small packages right? So, start motivating yourself with small achievements and move ahead with a hearty smile.

Past is past. As cliché as it sounds, it is true. You can really move on when you pack your past and sail it away. It is hard to move forward with a heavy baggage.  It can drown you with miseries and heartaches. Throw everything that chains you . Leap into the future with a big heart and clear mind. Forget the past, live the present and embrace the future.

Be happy. The world may sometimes be an unhappy place to live in but it is on us how we find ways to make it a happier place. Glow and it radiates ten times to the person next to you. It is addictive and infectious.

(Photos are not mine.)

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