Fascinating Clock Towers

I passed through the clock tower of our old office and I stopped to take a snap of it. I suddenly felt the charm of it – simple yet still appealing.

Unlike today, clock towers before were known not for aesthetics but more on functionality. In 15th century, home clocks were limited and most people did not have watches. Clocks were then installed with bells on towers to signal the community for important events.

I suddenly became fascinated with clock towers. Here’s my list for the best ones.

1. Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower – This is the largest clock face located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower or Abraj Al-Bait Tower

2. Palace of Culture and Science Clock Tower – This is the tallest building in Warsaw, Poland.

Palace of Culture and Science

3. Spasskaya Tower – This is on the eastern side of the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia overlooking the Red Square.

Spasskaya Tower

4. London Clock Tower – Located in the Palace of Westminster and housed the Big Ben.

London Clock Tower

5. NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building Clock Tower -This is the tallest Clock tower located in Tokyo, Japan.

NTT Yoyogi

6. Ho Chi Minh City Hall –  This is French architectural design that looks glorious when illuminated at night.

HCMC City Hall

7. Zytglogge Clock Tower – A beautiful medieval tower in Bern, Switzerland.


8. St Mark’s Clock tower – dates back in 15h century, this clock tower can be found in Venice Italy.

St. Mark’s Clock Tower

9. Rajabai Clock Tower – Located in Mumbai, India inside the University of Mumbai.

10. Deira Clock Tower – Located in Eastern Dubai, UAE. A modern version of clock tower and was once erected as a symbol of Dubai in 1964.

Deira Clock Tower

So far, I only visited five of these 10 (2,4,6,7,8)! Hopefully, I can visit more.

(Photos are not mine except first DA tower pic.)

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