When Life’s Turning Gray

Lately, I feel that my life is just passing by. No magical moments, no golden knocks, nothing. It seems I hit a dead end where everything seems to stand still. Nothing’s change. Everything’s the same. It is gray and dull.

I always believe that if you want something to happen, you go for it. Aim and work hard. No turning back, just move forward. Let go of any excess baggage. Once you take that first step, everything’s gonna be great.

But time comes, when you feel that your life seems to be moving along with others but going nowhere. Dangerous and risky. Times passes and you may wake up one day your dreams are left behind. And have to start all over again.

Maybe, just maybe I need a break. To step back and see the complete landscape. What do I want in life? What should I do next? Maybe, it’s time to turn around and add colorful sprinkles to my life. Life should be sunny yellow and not dull gray.

Have a great Monday.

(Photos are not mine.)

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