Lantau Island, Hong Kong

We visited the Lantau Island in Hongkong as part of our autumn travel. It was very breezy as we rode the cable car from the Ngong Ping 360 station. We had to queue alongside tourists – many were families.

Lantau Island

Before reaching the Tiantan Buddha, we passed by the Po Lin Monastery. You would be amazed by the young monks showcasing their skills in martial arts. They were very graceful and fluid.

Po Lin Monastery

When we reached the Tian Tan, we had to climb 240 steps in order to reach the Buddha! It was a tedious exercise. It seemed the rocky steps were endless. This Buddha is considered as world’s tallest outdoor bronze. It is 34 meters!

Tian Tan Buddha

You have to climb to view the magnificent Lantau island at the top. We even went inside the Buddha and they were selling some trinkets and souvenirs. I wasn’t able to enjoy the trip much as it was very crowded and hot though it was worth the experience. We left after lunch and went back to the city.


Photos are not mine.

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