When Boredom Hits

Working in a multi-national company can be boring. Once you get the grip of daily affairs, you become the master of it. Sometimes, you find yourself sitting on your desk thinking what to do next. Work can hit a roadblock or a dead end. That sometimes it drags you along the dead end path.

Life is not always fancy. It can get tedious or dull. It depends on how we want to live it. Corporate is and will always be a challenge that either we end up crashing ourselves to the wall, jumping over the ledge or standing high and mighty over thousands of employees. There’s always the rat race, politics and moments of monotony.

To deal with it, we have to spice up and balance things. You cannot drown yourself to procrastination, denial, bitterness and boredom. Live the endless opportunities and possibilities. Try to take a look and you’ll realize that there are better things to do. Learn and experience new things. This is the best way to fight off corporate rants and miseries.

I usually use my leisure time reading travel facts, traveling, learning computer applications like adobe lightroom/CS photoshop/imovie, reading books, blogging and building up my photography skills. The world is full of interesting things to do and see that it cannot be boring.

It is always a matter of perspective and how we deal with situations. Always make your day something worth recalling. Create memories and live the life you always wanted. No to boredom, yes to alternatives.

(Photos are not mine.)

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