The Super Woman

She hardens at the slightest sign of stress and pain. She cries at the slightest show of love and gratitude. She turns marshmallow for a simple I love you and grows wearisome for a silent no-call-day. She is always there to nag, hug and listen when you need someone to be there for you anytime and anywhere. She is everything and forever marvelous.

She is a woman who had gone through life with so much hardship, happiness and uncertainties. A woman who lives her life the way she wants it to be.

She was married at an early age to a very loving guy. To her husband, she is the beacon; the inspiration and the reason why everything falls perfectly. Together, they outlive 30 years of marriage and looking forward to another 30 years and more.

Mom is and will always be the greatest person in our lives. We will always be thankful to her that we became who we are today – principled, humble and loving. She may talk as if the world will end tomorrow; she is still the perfect Mom one can truly ask for. We love you Mom, our Super Woman. Thank you and happy Mother’s day.

(Photos are not mine.)

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