Wandered to Land of Wonders: Cambodia – Day 1

My 6 friends and I traveled to Cambodia through the Thailand-Cambodia border (Aranyapathet-Poipet). I volunteered to be the focal point for the itinerary from hotel booking, transportation, and sight seeing activities. I spent USD 238 for the whole trip  (April 13-16) including e.g. tips, foods, and souvenirs.

Day 1 – we traveled at 5:30 am of April 13 to the Cambodia/Poipet border. It took us 2. 5 hours.  This was my second time to travel through an Asian land border. The first was the Malaysia – Singapore and now, Thai- Cambodia. Unlike the MY-SG , the Thai-Cam was a busy area full of casinos and resort hotels.

We reached the Thai immigration at 8 am in the morning. After an hour, we transferred to the Cambodia Arrival immigration. At 9:40 am, I called Mr. Heng who would take us to the hotel.  While waiting for him, I went to the comfort room to pee. I didn’t know that you have to pay for it, so it was bit funny when the young boy sheepishly ran after me and asked for the THB 5 payment.

The agreed cost of the taxi was 40 USD/taxi but Mr. Heng added USD 5. We rented 2 taxis for a total cost of 90 USD. The road from Poipet to Siem Reap took 2 hours and 20 minutes.

We reached My home Tropical Garden Villa at 11:35. We booked 2 rooms for total cost of 51 USD/night (check my blog entry for the villa). We rented a van for USD 35/half day tour. The driver, Mr. Mowney is a very nice guy but sometimes, he’s lost!

The hotel to Angkor complex lasted 15 minutes. When we first took a glimpse of the Angkor pathway over the moat, everyone was awed and excited.  Finally, when I saw the whole panorama, it was really stunningly beautiful. I was speechless for a moment. Wonderful creation!

The downside for this trip was the weather. It was really piercingly hot. You easily get dehydrated. After 30 minutes, we just have to buy coconut juice on the far left side of the temple.

One fascinating fact about Cambodia is their familiarity to English language. In Thailand, a lot of people cannot speak and understand but in Siem Reap, everyone seems to speak English good. Moreover, the tour guides around us can speak different languages – French, German, Dutch, Spanish – name it!

Here are some of my photos.  Hopefully, I put justice through my images on how magnificent and breathtaking the temples are.

Angkor Wat

East Mebon

East Mebon closed at 5:30 pm so we’re not able to go inside.

Pri Rup

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