Test of Friendship

Misunderstanding among friends does happen. We get annoyed, hurt or dismayed. It is part of the bond that keeps the glue of friendship stronger and lasting. Petty things into a monstrous clash or harbored ill feelings into a nasty fight.

But, some friendships waver after a misunderstanding. It hits rock bottom and friends decide to quit. Sometimes, quitting on a friend does not mean giving up on the friendship but to lessen the pain, stop the misery and breathe fresh air. Step back and see the whole thing on a new perspective. Blame game is a loser’s habit.

These tests of friendship make you a better friend. You tend to understand her more and inject more patience and care. You adjust to ensure that things can still work out. If not, you realize you become wiser in choosing and dealing with friends.

We have to accept that there are friendships that are not worth keeping. The best rule on knowing when to end one is the happiness rule – simply by asking yourself, “Are you happy with a friend like her?”

Meet and gain new friends! Just ensure that when tests of friendship slip over, you should know who to keep and who to let go.


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