Mistakes and Regrets

Regrets are wishes fueled by an unfortunate event. You wish it would have been different. You wish it never occurred at all.  But, it did and it makes you feel stupid, awkward and sorry. From here, you either move on or clear things out.

But, the biggest blunder with regret is to add more regrets on a regrettable act. Clichés teach us to learn from past experiences but sometimes, our heads float on hollows that mistakes do happen… again and again.

Once in a while, mistakes knock on our doors. No matter how much we try that nothing could go wrong, sometimes it does. Sometimes, things are hard-to-fit pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, all seems to be a walk in the park.

We’re all familiar with the “black dot test” where we only see the black dot and forget the white façade. But, remove the black dot and we’d still see nothing! This is because mistakes become part of our individuality. It is part of who we are.

Mistakes may either become regrettable acts or windows of opportunities. We learn from it and leads us somewhere else. Be smart to steer it somewhere good. So, go on and feast with your mistakes! Have regrets but do not dwell on it. We cannot predict what future brings but we help create it.

——- I don’t own the photos.

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