Celebrate Life

My friend asked me, “What is the best advice you can give me?” I absent-mindedly replied, “Happiness is the way to success.” Then she laughed so hard!

I am not kidding. The way to getting through everything successfully is to have the right mind, the right attitude by being happy. I hate to think that she’ll just convince herself that she’s happy when she’s not. The mind is so powerful that if you believe you’re happy, everything great follows.

No one gets through life unscathed. We all have to go through some kind of pains one way or another with varying degrees of intensities. But, quitting is and will never be the solution. Hell? Shrug it off!

Frame your mind with positive things.  Laugh as if the world will end tomorrow. Talk as if the world is at your feet. Smile as if the world is perfect – nothing can go wrong. Be the happiest person for only you can truly make your life worth living.

One day, you will look back and you’ll try to measure happiness versus sorrow. Have you been truly happy? Start taking that step of successfully maneuvering your life to the perfect 10 of happiness.

Have a happy week.


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