Coffee for the Soul

I love cafes for their serene and peaceful ambience. It relaxes my mind freeing it from mental stress and pressures. The soothing bossa music is intended to put off worries. The multi-colored lights create a dreamy-like cavern. The lovely and colorful miniatures dance before my eyes. The taste and aroma of coffee can take my breath away. A café is a place where pleasure is certain to be achieved.

A new café has opened some blocks away from my home. Having heard of its name White Coffee, I had excitedly blocked my Saturday schedule to endeavor meeting this possibly new heaven. Today, I did some coffee tasting to get to know the café better.

I had started with caffè latte. Hot, of course, given the surprisingly cold weather on this March scorching summer. A latte is prepared with one-third espresso, two-thirds heated milk and about 1cm of foam. But theirs has a lot of milk more than the required take resulting to disappointingly devoid of coffee flavor.

Fun fact – if you order latte in some European countries, they will give you milk! So, stress caffè when ordering caffè latte.

Next comes the foamy Cappuccino. Ah, pure bliss! This one is prepared perfect – one-third espresso, one-third heated milk and one-third milk foam. This is my instant favorite in their café. A must-drink for a company zombie like me!

Fun fact – the cappuccino fad started in Italian cafés and some unconfirmed buzz that Capuchin Monastic Order first served it on their tables.

Later on, caffè Mocha is served hot! This is also superbly appealing to the taste. They had prepared it with one-third espresso and two-thirds steamed milk, but with some chocolate.

Fun fact – Mocha beans were originally shipped from Yemen through the coastal town of Mocha!

I don’t know what is with coffee that fills my heart with instantaneous delight and pleasure. It brings joy and hope to a not-so pleasant day.

After 3 coffees, I have sweetly lingered and continued reading the classic book by Joseph Conrad – The Secret Agent. After a while, my solitude is disturbed by three officemates who were gladly surprised to see me at the new café. Having my moment already disturbed, I left after three hours of coffee blast at the far corner of the White Coffee Café. I have vowed to come back and finish my conquest – tasting all their coffee variants!


I don’t own the photos.

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