Resignation Checklist

So, this is the time of moving on… of resignations. This month, three of my closest friends have made their office “debut” by suddenly calling it “quits”. It got me thinking – when do you say, “It’s finally over”? How do you deal with the phase of realizing and admitting that there’s nowhere to go but resign?

My friends and I have crafted a checklist to go over before jumping off the hook and starting anew.

1) Better and Greener Pasture 

Look outside the window. Is it better? Better according to your needs, wants and picturesque view of sunny everyday. What attracts us most is a better graze land with the promise that the new pasture is a heaven bed. But, is it? A manager once told me to be careful because your strong desire to quit may blind your eyes creating an illusion of a greener pasture in your mind. Don’t let your emotions cloud you. Other companies lure people showing a heaven bed when in fact it is a deathbed.

However, you won’t know unless you jump and risk things. It is the same case with the quest of the Holy Grail, the search for the elusive “one” and the pursuit of real happiness.

2) Learning growth

Everyone wants to feel that they are growing and developing into someone of higher value, of increased worth. Are you a better, more competent employee compared that of last month or even when you started? The idea of personal development and career growth cling to all of us. We are innately inclined to new things and adventures to make the office easier to take in and happier to live by.

3) Work practices and experiences

Fast-changing rules and regulations are far worse than repetitive ones. Every time there’s a new policy, no one takes its seriously. It tires and bores people. Tiring because of the unlimited changes. Boring because of the constant and expected changes. It is consistent in being consistent to change things.

4) Advancement

Think ahead. Plan wisely. You have to consider your future because you are building your professional resume and increasing your market value. Don’t let your worth depreciates. Ensure you are at par or even better than your peers at the market.

5) Feasible Plan

Don’t resign if the road ahead of you is bleak. The world is unkind to ill-fated individuals. You have to have a plan before resigning. Lay down something to look forward to after your former company. Also, as much as possible, don’t astray with your current path because anything that is off-track may render your past record worthless.

6) No inspiration

I joke that of all the things in the list, this is the only thing that I failed! I have a lot of inspirations left and right! Haha

Seriously, find something or someone that gives you the reason to wake up everyday. That will give you the will power to go to the office whatever the time is. Inspiration may come from your desire to learn, from fancied colleagues, or fulfilling work or maybe that cute guy you always stared at during breakfast!

7) Found an inspiration

Okay, so if you can’t find the inspiration and found it in another, that’s another reason to quit. Maybe you decided to save the world, redefine peace and humanity or the cheesiest of falling head over heels, running away with someone and tying the marriage knot. Move on and chase that inspiration.

8) Horrible bosses

Screaming matches.

Unflattering remarks.

Hurtful words.


Unprofessional deeds.

Give it up.

9) You are dead!

If your status in the office is, “You can not kill me, I am already DEAD!”, friend, it is time to resurrect in another realm. You have no chance to be revived in this organization – you are dead.


I don’t own the photos.


  1. This is an excellent post and one I can relate very well too. I put in my own resignation about 7 months ago before starting my own company and it was a strange feeling. I went through a very similar check list of my own and my answers were clear–I had to move on!


    1. Hi Stephanie. Thank you! Best of luck. It feels weird seeing my friends move on with their lives while I am left behind. But, I still have the work-drive so I’m staying…[for a while]. 🙂


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