Ho Chi Minh City

I had been in Ho Chi Minh for 4 days and I kind of not enjoyed the trip. Good thing I was with my 2 closest friends that time. There was not much to see within the Ho Chi Minh City. The best places are outside the city (Halong Bay!) but we did not want to go into much hassle of traveling 6 hours on a bus.

We touched down at the city airport 6 pm local time, took a taxi to our hotel then grabbed a dinner on a nearby fastfood. We’re not veggie addicts but more of carnivores so Vietnamese cuisine did not appeal much to us. There were too much fresh leafy vegetables being served.

But coffee is heaven! One of the best.

We went to Cu Chi where the Vietnam war occurred. There were too many tourists and our tour guide was kind of boring. I tried fitting into the tunnels but after 2 minutes 4 feet under the ground, I gave up. It was suffocating but my friend continued for 10 minutes! It was cool for him.

Later in the afternoon, we strolled along the city lanes with crazy traffic jams! We visited 15 buildings for 6 hours! It was tiring but fun though.

The shops are little far from each other. But, it gave us time for more sightseeing.

The next day we traveled via Mekong River to My Tho, Coconut Island and Hao Ai.

I think the real deal with Vietnam is Halong Bay! Amazing! The bay has a lot of limestone formations and rock islets! I and my friends are planning to take some time off to Halong bay by end of 2012. Hopefully!

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