Kindness: Make it a daily habit

I always thought that my parents’ generosity has political motives. They are not on the forefront of local politics but they are actively participating on the back stage of it. Eighty-percent of our relatives are on the political arena.

When it comes to our family, they will always say we need to be frugal because we do not have money to spare for our wants, just enough for our basic needs. But when people come knocking to our home asking for help and contributions, you’d expect my parents to be very generous.  Back in high school, when friends asked me to join them for parties or trips, I’d always decline saying I don’t have money to party or to go on a travel.

This changed during my freshman enrollment in the University.  I came from a rural province to an urban city.  During enrollment, both of my parents were accompanying me to go through the lengthy admission process.  A frail girl came forward to my mother asking for some directions. She looked like she was going to break down any minute. My mother was kind enough to give her directions with her rural language accent.

After seconds, my mom seemed distraught and said, “Where are her parents?” Then she got up, “Wait here, someone needs to check on her.” She followed the strange girl along the pathway and for one hour, my mom stood up beside the girl.

I felt proud for my mom that time. I came to realize that my parents make it their business to be kind and helpful not for politics or anything at all.

When she came back, I asked her, “So, what happened to her?”

She replied, “She’s doing great.”

I remembered her saying, “People are kind if you are also kind. Make it part of your daily habit and everything will fall into right places.”

To this day, I make sure to be always kind to people around me. Thanks Mom and Dad.


*I don’t own the photos.


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